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Womyns Healing & Wellness Retreat

Connect, Breathe, Release, Relax ❤️

There is no better time than now to invest in YOU!

Your growth, your healing, your rest and relaxation.

Experience the inner peace that comes with eliminating distraction. This is an investment in YOU and a commitment to honour your authentic self. We are privileged to hold space for you and help guide you on your journey. 

Hearts and Hooves is beyond excited to be collaborating with local healers to offer a one day Womyns Wellness Retreat here in the Cowichan Valley. Bringing horses and womyn together in a mutually beneficial connection has been a life long dream of Katey's!

Magical offerings of the day ❤️

Equine facilitated wellness session

Breathwork Circle

Wild movement

Forest sound bath 


Nourishing food

River dip if you're up for it!

The magic of bringing womyn together in nature, with horses is profound and life changing. A sense of community, deep connection and support that our souls crave. 

Investment in you ❤️

This offering is $495 CAD + GST for a full day, 10am-5pm. It will include a welcome package, personal journal, refreshments and a catered lunch from a local eatery.

No horse experience is required and this retreat is completely led by you

A Collaboration

Connection + Breath + Movement + Soundbath + Horses 

Equine Inspired Personal Discovery and Growth Facilitated by Katey, owner and lead facilitator at Hearts and Hooves Farm.  Connect with horses for a positive change in you.  Experience the magic of horses as teachers and healers.  Horses will show you the places within that need to be tended to. 


Guest Facilitator from Conscious Healing

Offering guidance in connection and self discovery through empowerment, self reflection, and holding sacred space.  Our guest facilitator from Conscious Healing holds a safe space to be seen and held while tending to healing, expansion, and growth.  You will gain access to tools that are already within you.  She guides you with a curiosity to help deepen your understanding and connection within yourself and to the world.  The healing and growth that we desire is within us all.  She will help you own your magic and build a deep connection with yourself and the environment around you.  Nourish your boundaries towards yourself and others.

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Nicole McKenna Spirit Coach

Nicole has been a Healing practitioner and Coach for the past 10 years on Vancouver Island.  Throughout her journey she has been able to explore many modalities that light her up.  Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing, Kundalini and Teaching have become her specialties.  Nicole is passionate about creating a safe container for her clients where profound self connection and healing can take place. She will be guiding us through movement, breath, and connection to ourselves and each other. 

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