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All About Us

Hearts and Hooves farm is nestled in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on 5 acres of nature paradise.  In partnership with our horses we offer Equine Assisted Learning for human and leadership development. Your time here will not be forgotten, whether its with your corporate or small business team, sports team,  individually or as part of a private group. Our programs are offered in both workshop and multi-week series format.  Our passion to help people and the desire to give back to equines is at the core of Hearts of Hooves. We are dedicated to offering mutually beneficial, unique, therapeutic and life changing experiences created by the horse-human connection. At Hearts and Hooves, giving back to our horse teachers is what sets us apart. Not only do we offer programs that create positive change in humans through empowerment, and self development, but we also offer programs at the farm to give back to our horses through bodywork and education.

Hearts and Hooves delivers a Certified Program of Equine Assisted Learning and upholds the Cartier Farms EAL Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 


Katey Campbell is the horse crazy founder and lead facilitator at Hearts and Hooves. Her passion for  equines and desire to provide a space for humans to grow in partnership with horses has been the driving force behind Hearts and Hooves. Katey has been a lifetime advocate for the horse and has worked and played with horses the majority of her life. Her professional horse career combined with her corporate experience working as a Staffing Consultant for a global staffing company provides a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise to share. Be it unlocking personal confidence or actualizing your role in a team, Katey and the horses open up eyes to a new world. 

Hearts and Hooves would not be possible without our team of humans, horses, and canines! Our co-facilitators and collaborators are enthusiastic,  knowledgeable and ready to make your experience unforgettable. 


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Cowichan Valley, British Columbia     Tel. 250 514 4000

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